EUeInvoicing is an innovation project aiming to adapt the Catalonia electronic invoicing ecosystem to the new European Union standard; EN 16931, in order to have common electronic invoicing rules in Europe, and to facilitate the massive use of electronic invoicing within the Catalan public and private sector.

System Upgrade

Upgrade the eInvoice generation existing services and e.FACT eInvoicing platform to comply with the new European eInvoicing standard.

PEPPOL Implementation

Implement PEPPOL eDelivery Access Points (AS2) for eInvoice generation service Pimefactura and another one for e.FACT to receive eInvoices.

Notification System

Upgrade the notification service for the three eInvoicing platforms (Cambra eBusiness, Pimefactura and e.FACT) compliant with European eInvoicing standards.

Future Deployment

Develop a strategy for the future implementation of new electronic invoicing systems for both private and public administrations.