Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Barcelona is a public law corporation founded in 1886 that englobes economic agents from all sectors of activity. Its function is defending the general interests of the companies, as well as providing actions to foster business competitiveness.

In the field of electronic invoicing, since 2006, the Chamber offers companies specific consulting and training services, in addition to a computer eInvoicing solution fully adapted to the companies’ needs and the Spanish legislative framework (eBusiness Chamber).


Consorci d’Administració Oberta de Catalunya (CAOC)

The objective of the AOC is to promote the digital transformation of the Catalan administrations, in order to build agile, logical and collaborative governments in which people enjoy of quality public services and live in an open society.

The purpose of the electronic invoicing service (e.FACT) is to make available to the Catalan public administrations electronic invoice reception systems for their suppliers, achieving the benefits linked to billing procedures (cost savings, speeding and homogenization of processes) and contributing to the promotion and dissemination of the use of the electronic invoice in Catalonia.



Eurecat is the Technology Centre of Catalonia. Providing the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced expertise, it offers solutions to their innovation needs and boosts their competitiveness in a fast-paced environment.

With its vast expertise in information technology consulting and project management, Eurecat will be responsible for the management and dissemination of the EUeInvoicing project, making sure administrative and financial procedures are met timely and coordinating all project activities.


Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI)

The Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI) is a local autonomous body of the City Council of Barcelona that was founded in 1990 with the aim of providing all the information and communication technology (ICT) services to the City Council of Barcelona and the public bodies and companies that depend from it.

IMI is aware of the importance of ICT in today’s society. This is why the Institute plays a fundamental role in the city, and not only acts as a technology reference center but also as a key element in the territorial balance and in the promotion of local entrepreneurship. This vision encompasses projects in very diverse areas that guarantee the continuous improvement of municipal services and resources.



PIMEC is the employers’ association that represents the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed of Catalonia. Its origins date back to the year 1975. PIMEC is formed by individual members (enterprises and the self-employed) and collective members (guilds and associations of sectoral or territorial enterprises). It defines itself as a multisector business confederation, autonomous and independent of anybody, power or third institution. It funds itself with the fees of its members as well as the services it provides and the public and private projects in which it participates.

Since 2010, PIMEC counts with the advanced billing services platform Pimefactura, where both small and large corporations can produce, manage and deliver electronic invoices to public entities in Spain or individual clients.